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Samaritan Consulting's Argus® platform has been designed for the specific needs of not-for-profit organizations. Our goal is to help organizations provide a personalized experience that fosters constituent engagement. Our solutions include relevant features that allow you to build and manage multiple websites and blogs, donor campaigns, and member communities with more ease than ever. It combines content types, content relationships and other integrated data management components that allow you to effectively control your website and campaign initiatives.

Build Websites & More

  • Edit your web pages on the fly - no coding required
  • Use a Microsoft Word-like editor to edit web page content
  • Create unlimited websites
  • Easily manage and maintain your website navigation
  • Topic and Event-based website(s)
  • Build communities with blogs
  • Accept feedback and comments on any type of content
  • Share and syndicate any type of content using RSS feeds
  • Integrated site search

Manage Security & Publishing

  • Robust, fine-grained security
  • Group and User management
  • Publish content to one or more websites
  • Make any type of content secure
  • Set release and expiration dates on your content
  • Apply content approval roles to any type of content or web page
  • Manage member access to any secure area

Control Your Content

  • Administration dashboard for quick access to your data
  • Rich content model; donors & members, organizations, events, news, photo galleries, videos and more
  • Easily inter-relate data and web-based assets
  • 360 degree reporting system
  • Utilize Worklists to stay on top of any unfinished business
  • Alerts can be used to notify when any content is added or edited, or when a donation is made
  • Detailed historical records for all content types

Donations & Registrations

  • Single, unified e-commerce platform
  • Flexible 3rd-party payment processing integration (PayPal, etc)
  • Event registrations
  • Automated, custom confirmations for payments and event registrations
  • Donation processing and tracking
  • Membership dues and renewals
  • Offer discounts and coupon codes for any event
  • Integrated member, donor, and organization database
  • Merchandise sales
  • Customizable forms for gathering event feedback
  • Track and view detailed information for any transaction type, such as donations and membership dues

Campaigns & Marketing

  • Unlimited, customizable email newsletters
  • Send one-off email "blasts"
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Event-based marketing campaigns
  • HTML or text-based email newsletters
  • Custom feedback forms
  • General inquiry submissions

Reporting & Analytics

  • Comprehensive reporting right out of the box
  • Detailed visitor reporting
  • Detailed reports on every type of content
  • Search engine reporting
  • Export reports to common formats, such as Microsoft Excel
  • Run any report, any time

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